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Promoting Excellence is a consultancy which offers a wide variety of unrivalled services and programmes, focused around leadership, in several industry sectors including Education, Healthcare, and more, hosted face-to-face or in online classes, as well as one-to-one and team Coaching and Mentoring.

Our Books

Promoting Excellence expertise is now available in a series of useful e-books, full of practical tips, solutions and suggestions to improve your leadership and skills.

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Our Surveys

Promoting Excellence offers a series of high-quality 360° feedback surveys. These can be purchased separately or in bulk, or can be integrated into a course.

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Our Courses

Promoting Excellence courses are delivered online or near to you, by our consultants and associates, all with substantial experience at senior levels in education.

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Our other services

Promoting Excellence offers support for quality (by subject), as well as in self-assessment (SAR), and in ways to maximise your funding. Contact for details.

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and Nurturing your own Talent.

A new series of deeper and specialist short, modular courses that are cost effective, flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs as a group or individual basis.
Whether you have taken part in any previous training with Promoting Excellence or not – the new deeper and specialist courses, covering a wide range of topics and skills, are essential for the development of all effective leaders and managers.
Many employers purchase these courses for their staff (you will have a login ID and Password if your employer has already done this), but we offer everyone the opportunity to buy these deeper, specialist materials themselves, online - videos, quizzes, podcasts, reflection activities and reminders of the course content. 

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Our Services / Surveys

360° Surveys

Promoting Excellence offers a series of high quality 360 degree appraisal surveys which have been integrated into training programmes and used separately. They focus on the positive and aim to build upon strengths and successful experiences.
The four main surveys are the Leadership Qualities Survey, the Staff Qualities Survey, the Team/Organisation Climate Survey and the Leading Student Learning Survey.

Promoting Excellence is known for both the strength and depth of our work.
We have superb relationships throughout the education sector, and in addition to development and leadership consultancy work, we can also provide Quality Improvement for Subjects or Faculties; Self-Assessment support; Maximising Funding Support; and Support for Recruitment into Senior Roles or New Positions. 
Excellence is our only standard.

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Online courses

We offer a comprehensive range of ONLINE learning courses.
Book now for your school, college, hospital, or workplace team.
All courses are 2 hours in length and hosted online using Microsoft™ Teams.
All course materials are provided.

Promoting Excellence offers a series of high quality 360 degree appraisal surveys which have been integrated into our training programmes but can also be used and purchased separately.
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Our Services / Books

Promoting Excellence Books

Promoting Excellence has written a series of cost-effective leadership skills courses available in e-book form to purchase now from this site. Would you like to attend a Promoting Excellence online or in-person course, but can't spare the time? Or do you prefer to study at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, school or office? If so, you might like to purchase one of our professional courses in e-book form.


Business Ethics

Developing an Ethical Framework for your organisation
Again we have undertaken a considerable amount of work on Ethical and Authentic Leadership and for several organisations have helped them develop bespoke Ethical 

Leadership Frameworks.
These have had a very beneficial effect on transforming climate and cultures in a number of industry sectors. Contact Us to find out more. 

What our customers Say

“Fantastic course, there is a lot for me to process, reflect on and much to look back on and use for future development – thank you!”

"The experience has been truly positive, thought-provoking and developmental . Thank you for your advice and real scenarios"

"Thought-provoking course which made me reflect on myself as well as my role as head. I have definitely changed as a result."

Our Services / Face-to-Face sessions, online classes

Our classes

Our training and development has played a leading part in educational development for more than 20 years.
Now Promoting Excellence brings ONLINE LEARNING classes to all workplaces and homes.
We offer the same great quality in our 2-hour online learning courses using Microsoft Teams as we do in our Face-to-Face sessions. Click the 'Read More' button for more info.


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