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Promoting Excellence is releasing a range of self-development books for anyone wanting to improve their skills and practice but who prefers self-study to course attendance, or for those who just want to top-up their skill set. Buy them here, pay online now, receive them as PDF's by e-mail.

More than seventeen years since our inception, Promoting Excellence has a national reputation for our work with schools and colleges. Delegates from organisations across the country have found our programmes to deliver the results they seek.

For the first time, we have released our knowledge in a series of books for self-study. These are excellent for extending or embedding your learning. Now you can have the benefit of a Promoting Excellence class or course without having to attend in person. Seven books have already been published and can be bought now from this site - others will be released as soon as we publish them.

How to buy: 
Choose the book you would like from those listed below. You can pay using any credit card or debit card by using the secure servers of our partner PayPal (you DO NOT need a PayPal account to use the purchasing system or to buy a book). Books are available in PDF format (which can be read on iBooks, Kindle, PC, MAC or Android. Once ordered and paid-for, your eBook will be e-mailed to you within an hour or two. Or you can contact us to order and pay by invoice.

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Subject & Curriculum Leadership Book Cover
Promoting Excellence in Subject Leadership and Curriculum Leadership [NEW BOOK]

A practical book, filled with strategies, tips and techniques to help you succeed in subject and curriculum leadership, at Primary AND Secondary phases. Includes many case studies written by successful practitioners. Learn by modelling from the very best!


Promoting Excellence on Coaching Book Cover
Promoting Excellence in Coaching {NEW BOOK]

To hone your leadership skills, you need to practice, and to reflect on your own actions and feelings. An effective coach can help you do this, and this book will show the skills you need to coach your team, and the colleagues within it effectively. 


Understanding Your Leadership Book Cover
Promoting Excellence Understanding Your Leadership

Book ONE in our short Leadership Skills series. This volume ‘Understanding Leadership’ will help you deepen your knowledge and understanding of leadership, provide opportunities for self-assessment and reflection, and offer useful tips along the way.


Developing Your Leadership Book Cover
Promoting Excellence Developing Your Leadership

Book TWO in our short Leadership Skills series. This book discusses vision, and lists the skills you need to communicate  vision and obtain buy-in and commitment to that vision. It presents ideas for development, together with  ways to achieve excellence


Ethical Leadership in Difficult Times Book Cover
Ethical Leadership in Difficult Times

Times change, but ethics always underpin success. Find out how. By following this approach, you can grow as a leader and develop your influence. The book allows you to practice with case studies, scenarios, tasks and reflective considerations.


Developing Resilience - Survive and Succeed Book Cover
Developing Resilience: Survive and Succeed

Resilient Leaders, and their teams, succeed in any situation. How? Stress and a lack of resilience are a worrying cocktail. At a time when there is incredible pressure to deliver more with less money, resilience is a great quality to have, develop and pass on to others.


Leading and Developing Talent Book Cover
Leading & Developing Talent

A key function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers. This book is based on interviews, questionnaires and training programme notes gathered from across the education sector. It shows how to nurture and grow your talent.


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