The Essentials of Effective Change Management  

Online Class - Length: 2 hours.

Cost: £49 per person. Book this class using the button below.

This class is designed for leaders at all levels.  

“Today’s leaders have to learn how to create an environment that actually embraces change and innovation, not as a threat but as an opportunity.”
Warren Bennis

The class details

Continuous change and planning for it are taken for granted in most successful organisations. Leaders now tend to recognise that managing uncertainty is a key element of their work, making it varied and challenging.
This practical and interactive class covers consideration and application of several change models, reactions to change and managing change in difficult and turbulent times.

Through participation in this class delegates will be able to:

• Learn from best practice in managing change. 
• Reflect on shared experiences of implementing change. 
• Deepen their knowledge and understanding of change management. 
• Learn more about managing during a crisis and looking beyond. 

The class costs £49 per person. If you are booking just for yourself, then the cost is £49.

To book the class:
Click the 'Book this Class' button and complete the form with your preferred date and time and your details (including the number of delegates you are booking this class for).
Next, Promoting Excellence will contact you to accept and confirm your booking and will e-mail to you the individual links for Microsoft Teams and any materials for you. The class will be held online, live, hosted using Microsoft Teams.

Class length:
The class will last for 2 hours.
There will be a 10-minute Q&A session at the end of the class. 


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