Coaching and Mentoring: Coaching to Improve Performance

Online Class - Length: 2 hours.

Cost: £49 per person. Book this class using the button below.

This class is for everyone interested in gaining more insight into and developing skills in effective coaching and mentoring.

“Coaching has been shown to help leaders develop a clearer understanding of their own roles and responsibilities. When leaders are more confident about what they need to do, they are better able to motivate others.”
Hay Group 

The class details

This interactive class includes an overview and the benefits of coaching and mentoring. It will demonstrate the purpose and value of coaching in a variety of contexts.

This class will enable delegates to:

• Practice their coaching, mentoring and observational skills.
• Raise their awareness of best practice in both coaching and mentoring and the use of accurate terminology. 
• Receive advice and guidance as to how they can improve such key skills as active listening, asking open and probing questions, summarising and giving effective feedback. 

The class costs £49 per person. If you are booking just for yourself, then the cost is £49.

To book the class:
Click the 'Book this Class' button and complete the form with your preferred date and time and your details (including the number of delegates you are booking this class for).
Next, Promoting Excellence will contact you to accept and confirm your booking and will e-mail to you the individual links for Microsoft Teams and any materials for you. The class will be held online, live, hosted using Microsoft Teams.

Class length:
The class will last for 2 hours.
There will be a 10-minute Q&A session at the end of the class. 


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